Male Dentist Who Has 45 Women Working For Him Argues Against Period Leaves, Gets Schooled

We all nodded our heads in unison when Rachel Green from ‘FRIENDS’ told Ross, “No Uterus, No Opinion.” That’s because most of the commentary that men do on the female reproductive system is not backed by experience. Hence, when they say periods are not painful or childbirth is normal, it makes women raise their eyebrows.

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Recently, a man, who has no idea what menstruation is, decided to give gyan on women taking period leaves from work. In a tweet, Indranil Majumdar (a dentist by profession) said that he is not a supporter of paid period leaves.

Citing the example of a doctor, he asked his followers if they would be okay if their doctor postponed their appointment citing period leaves. He said it would do for ‘non-serious professions’ but probably not for others like him.

While the OG tweet by him has now been deleted, we managed to get a screengrab of it. Here you go:

His tweet comes after Spain passed a law that offers women to take three working days off a month as paid menstrual leave. According to a report by DNA, the law that has been passed as a majority in the country’s parliament makes it the first country in Europe to pass a ‘menstrual leave’ law.

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On hearing his opinions, people on Twitter couldn’t stay calm and decided to school him for his sexist and insensitive remark.

Several doctors across the world have said that menstrual pain can be almost as bad as a heart attack. Moreover, women having PCOD/PCOS and other hormonal issues experience excessive painful cramps and discomfort when on their periods which makes it difficult for females to function properly. Sometimes, painkillers are not enough. Hence, taking the day off becomes necessary for women who experience such excruciating pain.

Glad that this guy spoke about it so it can spark a more in-depth conversation about a woman’s struggle during her periods.


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