Twinkle Khanna, Sonam Kapoor & Many Others Speak Out In Support Of Period Leaves


When it comes to menstruation, women may have varied experiences. For some, that time of the month equates to cramps, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, swollen feet, cravings, etc. The list can go on and on. Hence, many women do express the need for menstrual leaves in India. Previously medical professionals too have ruled that period cramps are as painful as heart attacks for some women.

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Yet, despite this conversation, some downplay the pain women go through during their menstrual cycle by calling it an exaggeration or an over-reaction. Gladly, some Bollywood celebrities, amongst many others, have come out in support of the idea of menstrual leaves for women and transgender people.

Actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna summed up the ‘period leave debate’ with the phrase ‘equal but not identical’, emphasizing that we shouldn’t have to fight against our biology to be seen to be as good as men. She took to Instagram to show her support for period leaves through a post:-

Actress Sonam Kapoor took to Her Instagram stories to laud the introduction of period leaves, saying it is “better late than never”. She shared a post which mentioned how a company has announced upto 10 days menstrual leaves per year for their employees.

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However, journalist Barkha Dutt put out a string of tweets trying to claim how a menstrual leave “ghettoises women”. She further said that she would not change her stance on this. Check out the tweets below:-

Many others raised strong objections with Barkha’s stand and proceeded to explain why her tweets are problematic:-

Do you feel it is important for other companies to start providing menstrual leaves too? Share your thoughts with us!

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