Twitter Slams Gurgaon Woman For Complaining About Her Maid Needing A Raise Amid COVID


“Didi mai kal kaam pe nai aungi.” Do you remember the last time your maid took an off or enjoyed a paid leave? In a time where many of us are privileged enough to be working and availing employee benefits, several domestic workers have either lost their job or are barely managing to scrape by due to the pandemic. Thankfully things are returning back to normal and house helps are now going back to work.

However, these testing times have revealed the sad reality of our society. In a tweet shared by @veenavenugopal, a Gurgaon woman, who posted her experience with her maid on a Facebook group, can be seen discriminating against her house help. The woman, who is apparently very nice to her maid, refused to give her a raise.


Have a look at the post:

Now, there can be two possibilities here -Either the employer didn’t pay her house help during the lockdown hence she is asking for a raise to sustain her family or the employer did pay her house help and the maid remains in dire need and seeks more money. However, either way, it is imperative that we help each other in every way possible since it’s risky to go out and work amid COVID-19.


 Several people pointed out how the woman comes from a place of privilege and is ignorant of her house help’s needs. 

However, some others shared their bad experiences with their domestic help saying that maids are not right everytime: 

Well, every coin has two sides. However, what do you think about the woman’s FB post? Tell us!

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