MP Mahua Moitra Accused Of Hiding Her LV Bag When ‘Mehengai’ Was Discussed In The Parliament

Member of parliament from Krishnanagar, West Bengal, Mahua Moitra recently became the talk of the town when a video of her from the parliament went viral.

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In the video that’s been aggressively shared online, she is seen listening to her bench mate, MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar criticizing the central government over the rise in prices in the country. And as soon as Dastidar speaks of ‘mehengai’ in the Lok Sabha, Moitra was seen putting her Louis Vuitton bag under the table.

According to a report, the Louis Vuitton bag in question is priced at around Rs 1.5 lakh.

Watch the video:

On looking at the well-synchronized video, people accused Moitra of allegedly ‘hiding’ her uber expensive bag when the price rise was discussed in the house.

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After the massive trolling, Moitra took to Twitter to clear the air and wrote:

People also came to her rescue and claimed that before turning into a full-time politician, Moitra worked as an investment banker and can afford to buy the boujee LV bag.

Seems like Moitra has a long-standing relationship with her LV bag as she was spotted with it more than once. What do you think of Mahua’s LV Jhola controversy?

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