MM Keeravani Mentions The Band ‘The Carpenters’ In Oscars, Media Thinks It’s Singing Carpenters

The 95th Academy Awards have been historical for the Indian film industry as two productions from our country managed to win an Oscar each.

The chartbuster song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the Telugu movie ‘RRR’ was given the trophy for ‘Best Original Song’.

And to receive this award, the composer of the song M. M. Keeravani and lyricist Chandrabose went up on the stage.

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While on the stage, M. M. Keeravani shared how he grew up listening to the American band ‘The Carpenters.’ He said in his emotional speech:

“I grew up listening to ‘The Carpenters’. And now, here I am, with the Oscars.”

The music composer went on to sing his own rendition of a song by ‘The Carpenters’, the lyrics of which he had self-written based on his Oscar-winning moment.

“There was only one wish on my mind. So was Rajamouli’s (S.S Rajamouli) and my family’s. ‘RRR’ has to win, pride of every Indian, and must put me on the top of the world.”

Watch the video here:

For the unaware, ‘The Carpenters’ band constituted of American vocal and instrumental duo siblings Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter. Some of their hit songs include ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’, ‘Yesterday Once More’, ‘Close to You’, and ‘I Need To Be In Love’, among others.


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However, some media outlets, specifically Malayalam media, mistook his ‘The Carpenters’ reference for ‘carpentry’. They legit thought the music composer grew up listening to carpenters doing their job.

Taking to Twitter, a journalist from Kerala, S.R.Praveen, shared screengrabs of multiple articles, the headlines of which misinterpreted Keeravani listening to the band with the people who do the woodwork.

One news channel came up with its own bulletin talking about Keeravani being inspired by the skilled workers.

Well, people online facepalmed on the media’s lack of research and common sense. This is how they reacted:

The least they could have done is Googled ‘The Carpenters’. It could have saved them the embarrassment.

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