Lucky Tenant Flexes Finding Flat In Bengaluru Within A Day Of Arriving In The City

People who land in Bengaluru and are in search of an apartment need to make special sacrifices to the gods and perform archaic rituals to be able to find a place to live. You see, being able to quickly find a budget-friendly place to live in the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ needs either tremendous luck or good contacts or excellent people skills. If you have none of them, it would take you a good couple of weeks to finally find a place you can call ‘home’.

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However, one person found a flat for rent in Bengaluru within one day of arriving in the city. It is unbelievable. They landed on a Thursday, met a broker and roamed in Koramangala on Friday, on Saturday they fixed a place and on Sunday they moved to the new flat. This ordeal was shared by the person on Grapevine.

Saumil, the founder of Grapevine, shared a screenshot of the post on X (formerly Twitter) and called it an anti-peak Bengaluru moment! Have a look:

People online were stunned upon reading this and couldn’t believe how it was possible that a person found a flat in Bengaluru that quickly! Here’s how some of them reacted:

This person must have been very lucky!

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