10 Life Situations Where Losing Is Better Than Winning

Winning might be one of the best feelings in the world, but losing is one that is underrated. Being two sides of the same coin, winning and losing are inevitable for someone to experience to really be successful- as a professional, and also as a person.

Here are a few life situations where losing is better than winning.

1. Losing a game to a child just to see the smile on their face

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2. Losing a couple of clothes from your wardrobe to give it to the homeless and poor

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3. Losing a fight with your significant other, because you want to see them happy

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And value the relationship more than winning a petty fight.


4. Losing your voice after a long Antakshari session with your family

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5. Losing your ego and making up with a friend after a stupid fight, even if you think it was their fault

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6. Losing your fear of something and trying it out openly

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7. Losing your inhibitions and wear the clothes you want to wear, without wondering what people will think

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8. Losing weight and fitting into that skirt you last wore years ago

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9. Losing an argument with your parents because you know they care about you

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10. And finally, losing a person from your life who let you down

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There are so many moments in life when losing something doesn’t seem so bad; in fact, it might just be the thing you need to be a better person. So, embrace losing just as hard as you’d embrace a good win. ūüôā

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