‘Do Long Distance Relationships Work?’, People Online Engage In Debate, Share Success Stories


Relationships are hard, let alone long-distance relationships. It takes a lot of understanding, communication, trust, and compromise to make relationships work. Whoever said that love is the least important thing that makes a relationship work was probably right.

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There are far too many who believe that long-distance relationships never work. Either somebody ends up cheating or not seeing someone for days causes feelings to fade away. However, one woman took to Twitter to express that long-distance relationship and meeting people online should be “normalised”.

“The world is so big. Why should I be limited to people who are physically close to me?”, she makes a valid point.

Many took to the comment section to write how LDRs don’t work because there is too much to give and a lot is at stake. Hence, they shouldn’t be normalised.

However, there were also many people who jumped into the comment section to share their success stories with LDRs to encourage others. Most of these people met online, dated long-distance, eventually got married, and are now living a beautiful life! Have a look:

Here’s the thing. All relationships require people to trust each other and communicate properly. All relationships come with risks and the possibility of having your hearts broken. Many people end up with broken hearts even after they see their partners every day. Many also end up with a happily ever after despite being away from their partners! 🙂

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