Jokes & Memes Trend Online After The Nationwide Lockdown Gets Extended By 2 Weeks

The entire country has been waiting for May 3rd, the day when lockdown 2.0 was supposed to be lifted and people could finally go out of their houses. However, given the rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases, the nationwide lockdown has been extended for two more weeks, till May 17, reports Times Of India.

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As the coronavirus-induced lockdown moves to its third stage, the country has been colour-coded in green, orange and red zones depending upon the number of Covid-19 cases, reports News18.

People were obviously not pleased by Lockdown 3.0 and took to social media to express their disappointment.

Soon, funny memes and jokes started trending online.

Although the extended lockdown can be frustrating as well as mentally stressful we request people to keep their calm and follow lockdown protocol. The harsh decision was surely taken considering the safety and security of the citizens of the country. Let’s stay together and positive in this crucial time.