Man Dressed As Lion Teaches Actual Lions The Zoo’s ‘Escaped Lion Drill’ & Netizens Are ROFL!

What do you do when a lion escapes its enclosure at a zoo?

Don’t worry, we understand that you’re confused. But while you can afford to be, the staff at the zoo cannot. And hence, in a bid to train them on what to do in the scenario a lion escapes from its enclosure, the Tobe Zoo in Ehime, Japan, conducted a drill recently.

Since it was impossible to set a real lion free for the drill, the zoo management got a person to dress up in a lion costume. And you bet, it couldn’t have been more adorable and hilarious!

The video of the drill in progress was shot by a local news station and has been trending online. However, what got the people laughing their hearts out was the reactions of the real lions at the zoo, who had no idea what was happening!

The big cats looked puzzled and you can well make out from their expression that they were not happy to be mocked.

The clip which was posted on Saturday collected over 4.3 million views in less than two days and has given birth to a plethora of memes and jokes.

While the lions surely didn’t see that coming, I have never seen a funnier picture of lions than this!

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