This Breathtaking Library With 1.2 Million Books Is Every Bookworm’s Dream Come True!

Every bookworm knows the sheer joy in cozying up in an isolated corner of a library. Leafing through books and strolling through every nook and cranny for your favourite author is one of the joys every bibliophile cherishes.

However, this library in China is sure to put your local haven to shame. With a capacity of 1.2 million books and spanning 34,000 square meters, it is a five-story building. The marvel is located Binhai Cultural District In Tianjin and is an architectural masterpiece.

1. The project took three years to complete.

2. I would fly to China for this stunning beauty!

3. The library has terraced bookshelves and the shelves are inspired by topographical spheres.

4. The future is here kids!

5. This is an oval opening punctured through the building is propped open by the ‘Eye’.

6. It even boasts of a mirrored sphere with an auditorium.

7. It’s a manmade paradise on Earth!

8. Isn’t it a sight to behold?

Though usually, I’m a voracious reader and once I stick my nose in a book I don’t look up, this spectacular library is sure to distract me a little!

All images and information is taken from MVRDV website.