This South Indian Restaurant In Kyoto Is Run By Japanese People Who’ve Perfected Our Dishes

One of the concerns that many Indian tourists have when they visit foreign countries is whether they’ll find Indian food to eat there. But while there are several Indian restaurants you’ll find abroad, the food might not be to your liking. However, a restaurant in Japan’s Kyoto named ‘Tadka’ is serving some of the finest idlis and dosas one can ever have.

‘Tadka’ is run completely by Japanese people who visit Chennai once every 6 months, learn new dishes, practice till they’ve perfected them and add them to their menu.

Prasanna Karthik, an alumnus of Columbia University, claims that he’s had one of the best South Indian meals in ‘Tadka’.

One would think that a South Indian restaurant will mostly have Indian customers. But that isn’t so. The restaurant is filled with Japanese customers who are in love with the food served there.

What’s heartening to see is that ‘Tadka’ encourages eating food by hand, in true Indian style. The owners have truly embraced Indian culture.

The owners come to Chennai and spend their time meditating.

They even aced the iconic filter coffee!

Many people showered a lot of love on this restaurant and the Japanese people running it. Here’s how some of them reacted:

It’s wonderful to see people from foreign countries embrace our food and culture! 🙂

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