If An Insider Is Launched, Equal Space Also Has To Be Given To An Outsider: Kriti Sanon

For the past couple of years, there has been an ongoing insider-outsider debate amongst people who are ardent followers of Bollywood and its inner workings. We all know how the industry is majorly controlled by a few people and it is only them who get to decide who gets opportunities and who doesn’t. However, a lot of people have been advocating for equal opportunities for both insiders and outsiders based strictly on talent and potential.

In an interview with Vogue, Kriti Sanon said something that was wonderful. She explained that if an insider was to be launched in the industry, then it has to be made sure that an equal amount of space is given to someone who doesn’t belong in the industry but is more talented.


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She further expressed that the world is tilting more towards better scripts and talented performers than big names.

“The industry can become more accessible for outsiders if we start creating equal opportunities—if you’re launching someone from the industry, make sure you’re also giving space to someone who doesn’t belong but is probably more talented. Slowly, very slowly, the world is tilting towards talent and scripts rather than stars and big names.”

Do you agree with what Kriti Sanon has to say?

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