These Pictures Of Kochi Metro’s Transgender Staff of 23 In Training Will Make You Proud!

If the struggle to get recognition as the third gender wasn’t hard enough, there’s the struggle to overcome the social stigma each day. Taking a step towards a better India, Kochi’s newest metro service has opened its doors for not one but 23 Transgender staff members. Yes, ain’t that a great piece of news?

It is an initiative to fight discrimination and it rightly does. Right now, they are being trained for jobs which range from clinching tickets to housekeeping. And, by doing so Kerala has become the first state to implement the anti-discriminatory policy.

BBC has clicked some wonderful pictures of them during training and we couldn’t be more proud. Have a look!

1. It is the first time in our country that a state has adopted the new transgender policy.


2. The purpose is to minimalise and gradually eradicate the discrimination the third gender faces.


3. 23 Transgender have been given posts in various sectors that includes ticketing, housekeeping, cleaning, etc.


4. They are being familiarised with the operational aspects of the metro service.


5. They are really excited and feel it is the right step towards a better India.


6.  And, we couldn’t agree more. This is such an endearing change.


7. This will help them in getting their right place in our society and the respect they deserve.


8. Now, this is the dream India we want!

Kudos Kerala, you are making us super-proud.

Image and News Source: BBC