KK’s College Friend Who Was In The Same Band As Him Share Touching Stories Of The Singer

I am yet to come across a single person who doesn’t like KK and the songs that he has sung. Wearing a pair of jeans, a simple T-shirt and a leather jacket (in case of winter), KK used to perform every concert like it was his last. I’ve seen him live 3 times and I have never left the venue without feeling a sense of being one with his craft.


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That’s the kind of impact his voice had. His songs brought people together. Hence, it’s very difficult to not take the news of his demise personally. Whether it be singing ‘Yaaron dosti’ on Friendships’ Day or ‘Pal’ on the last day of college, some of our most integral memories of love, belonging, heartache, and friendship are tied to him.

Gautam Chikermane, an author and the Vice President of Observer Research Foundation, was in the same band as KK, where he was the lead singer and drummer. They used to study at Kirori Mal College, Delhi. In a touching Twitter thread, Chikermane shared memories of having known KK.

They used to play at college fests including those of IIT Kanpur and Sri Ram College of Commerce.

In the past, KK went through a rough patch where he had to sell typewriters to make a living. But he couldn’t stay far from music for too long. So, he started from scratch.

Just like SRK, KK too had stood in Marine Drive and wondered if Bombay would ever give him space.

He further went on to express how in each of KK’s songs, he became one with the music.

You may read the full thread here.

This loss feels too deep. Rest in peace, legend.

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