Kiara Advani Speaks At Event Called ‘Outsider’s Uphill Battle’, Desis Reveal Her Connections

A lot has been said about Bollywood’s insider-outsider debate in the past couple of years. As many were rooting for the ‘outsiders’ of the industry, many ‘outsiders’ were revealed to be ‘insiders’ – like Ranveer Singh and Vicky Kaushal. Either their parents work in the entertainment industry, or they have family friends in the industry, or they come from some kind of massive privilege that has helped them have a head start in their acting careers.

For example, ABP Network organized a talk and named it ‘The Outsider’s Uphill Battle: The Struggle and the Success’ at the ABP Ideas Of India Summit. Kiara Advani was one of the speakers and she was interviewed by author Chetan Bhagat. A poster for the event was also shared on X by ABP’s official handle, which they deleted later.

However, several people online were quick to point out that Kiara Advani isn’t really quite the “outsider” and in fact has several strong contacts that might have helped her gain entry into the industry. Juhi Chawla, who is Kiara’s father’s childhood friend, calls her her “niece”. She also happens to be very close friends with Isha Ambani. According to Hindustan Times, Kiara is the step-great-granddaughter of Bollywood legend Ashok Kumar and the grand-niece of Saeed Jaffrey.

Not a complete outsider now, is she?

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