This Guy Made A Version Of ‘Kesariya’ Without The ‘Love Storiyaan’ Bit & People Loved It

Kajal ki siyaahi se likhi hai tune jaane kitno ki love storiyaan…

This is the place where Bollywood lovers across the world collectively lost it! Because ‘Kesariya’ has been the most anticipated song of the most anticipated movie of this year, ‘Brahmastra’, and to rhyme “love storiyaan” with “kesariya” was completely unnecessary. Look at the Kannada and the Telugu versions, absolute masterpieces!

However, Harsh More, a music producer, changed the lyrics of the song to make it sound better than “love storiyaan”.

He sang, “Kagaz ki siyahi se likhi, ab ho na paaye teri meri ye dooriyan,” and it sounded so much better! Have a look:


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His video has over 1 million likes and over 11 million views. Several people loved this version of the song. Here’s what some of them said:

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This song is kesariya-ing more than Kesariya should have kesariya-d. Don’t you think?

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