Kerala Tourism Gets Trolled For Bad Aviyal Pic, Has A Witty Comeback That Wins Hearts!

When it comes to food, especially staple foods of different regions or communities, there’s a certain sanctity to it. A kind of reverence that people have towards a particular dish. The ingredients have to be a certain way, the preparation must be exactly like it should, and everything right down to the the way it is served and garnished must be by the book. For Malayalis, one of those sacred spots is reserved for the Avial (or Aviyal).

Image Source: Wikipedia

If you ask Wikipedia, it’ll tell you that Avial is a dish from Kerala and Udupi cuisine. It is a thick mixture of vegetables and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. And essentially, it looks something like the picture you see above.

However, when Kerala Tourism’s Twitter handle tried to talk to its followers about this statement dish, here’s what they shared.

Uh oh. That wasn’t avial. That was trouble.

You see, Malayalis who spotted this tweet were not too happy with the picture, which barely resembled avial, according to them. Furthermore, the words ‘nothing but’ in the tweet made it sound like avial was just too simple a dish and not that important.

On the contrary, Avial is considered a relevant item in the Sadya, the Keralite vegetarian feast.

So of course, Malayali Twitter was up in arms against this misrepresentation, and even got bit cheeky with the trolling!

Will the real avial please stand up?

How could you miss this?

Et tu, Kerala Tourism?

Some people took the trolling a notch funnier and did the whole galti se mistake thing!

Haaaaaave you met this sambar?

Payasam, tu bohot change hogayela hai re!

Help! Identity crisis!

Someone needs to take stock of this mistake!

Others were more helpful and shared some better photo options!

A band names Avial was also dragged into this hilarious conversation somehow!

A summary of everything that’s wrong with the tweet!

Wrath of the Malayali grandmas is coming for you, Kerala Tourism!

Let’s reconsider?

Whoa whoa whoa. Emotions are running high here!

You cannot mess with it! It’s sacrilege! Blasphemy!

Be afraid, Kerala Tourism. Be very afraid!

Now you’d think, nice soup Kerala Tourism has landed themselves in! But wait a minute! They managed to make up for that abysmal picture with something quite witty!

Oooh, curiosity rises! What would it be? Well, see for yourself!

Because their version of the avial was so affronting, they invited the people to go ahead and share their own versions of the beloved dish!

Well played, Kerala Tourism! Well played!

Of course, the peeps recognised this smartass way that Kerala Tourism handled the whole thing and were quite appreciative of it too!

A delicious lesson in how to save a dish when it goes sour!

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