Kerala Farmer Arrives In Local Market To Sell Spinach Driving An Audi, Watch Video

In our society, there prevails this common misconception that all Indian farmers are poor and are struggling. While it is true that a large chunk of farmers in our country face multiple financial challenges, there is also a good chunk of farmers who are wealthy and successful. India’s agricultural landscape is diverse and as a result, there is a wide range of farming practices and income levels. There are farmers who have embraced modern farming techniques and innovative business models to prosper in their field.

One such farmer is a man named Sujith from Kerala. Alongside farming, he has a YouTube channel and an Instagram page known as ‘Variety Farmer’ where he posts videos on his modern farming techniques. Multiple sources of income have led him to earn enough to live a comfortable life. With his earnings, he has also managed to purchase an Audi A4 which he drives to the market.

Image source: Instagram

A video of him driving the luxury car to the local market and setting up shop to sell red spinach has gone viral on social media. After getting out of his car, Sujith removes his veshti and shoes, keeps them inside his car, sets up his humble shop and sells the spinach to customers. After he is done, he wears his veshti and shoes again and drives off.

Have a look:

Affluent farmers like Sujith contribute not only to the growth of the agricultural sector but also to the country’s overall economy. Kudos to him!

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