Just Like Hachiko, Kerala Dog Waits For 4 Months For Deceased Owner To Return

From the 1920s to the 1930s, there used to live a dog named Hachikō in Japan. Hachikō’s owner had passed away when the dog was about two years old. For the next 9 years, the dog waited for his owner to come back to him. Over the years, Hachikō has become a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness for not only the people of Japan but all over the world.

Just like Hachikō, an Indie dog in Kerala has been waiting for his owner in front of a mortuary for four months after his passing. The owner was brought to Kannur District Hospital and the dog came along with him. The owner passed away in the hospital and was taken to the mortuary, which the dog saw.

The dog hasn’t yet realised that his owner has passed away. He keeps waiting for him to return from the mortuary.

“A patient came to the hospital four months ago and the dog had come along with the patient. The patient died and the dog saw the owner being taken to the mortuary. The dog feels that the owner is still here and he does not leave this place. He has been here for the past four months,” said a staff member of the Kannur District Hospital.

Here’s a video of the dog:

A dog’s loyalty is like none other.

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