“I Became Suicidal”: Karan Mehra Alleges Nisha Rawal Was Physically Abusive & Aggressive

Actor Karan Rawal was arrested on Tuesday and then granted bail after his wife Nisha Rawal filed a complaint alleging that he hit her after an argument. He revealed his side of the story and Nisha also opened up about his “constant abuse over the years” in response.

As per a report in TOI, Karan has now further claimed behavioural issues on part of his wife. He stated, “She has always been aggressive and in the beginning, she was physically abusive as well. Usko gussa aata hai toh woh haath paav chalaati hai, usko samajh mein nahi aata hai. She starts throwing and breaking things. I had thought it would get better, and it did to a certain extent, but phir woh activate hone laga. Things have been bad since the past four-five years and there came a point, when I became suicidal.”

After initially taking the side of Nisha in an earlier interview, actor Kashmera Shah has now changed her stance on the matter. She shared a long post on Instagram stating that she will now stay ‘neutral’, reports HT.

Sharing a family photo of Karan, Nisha, and their son Kavish, she wrote, “These are my friends. These are the people I love very much. All three of them. So when one is hurt by the other I am sure the other is also hurting. I am writing this today because I could not bring myself to take just one person’s side yesterday as I was told, and believe you me I am told by people from both sides. Then there were inane calls from the press hounding me as their friend asking me to wash their dirty laundry in public which I WILL NOT.” Check it out:

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As per a report in HT, actor Gaurav Chopraa also spoke about the fight stating, “There is a little child involved in this. When he grows up and reads all of this, I don’t want it to affect him. At least for the sake of the baby, for whom I really have a lot of affection, I would really want this to be dealt with grace and the differences can be sorted so that he doesn’t get affected. Tomorrow when the child grows up and learns of the current happening, I don’t want him to misunderstand my stance on this. He is very very dear to me and considers me as his “pastry chachu” (pastry uncle) as I get a variety of pastries for him and that’s how I would like it to be forever. As for Karan and Nisha, If there are any apologies remaining, any compromises to be made, any mid-way out that can help their relationship get back on track, then I think they should get it done.”

“I have been trying to sort it as a friend and I am somebody whose advice matters to them. So being in that position, I will do things respectfully and gracefully but yes at their speed. Also, knowing both sides of the story, I would rather do or say something that will reduce the problem than add on to it,” he concluded.

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