Kangana’s New Smoking Photoshoot With GQ Is Setting The Internet On Fire

Kangana has proved time and again that she is not only sexy but talented as hell. She is so goddam unbelievable in every role that you kind of forget that she’s an actress. But with this recent photoshoot, she’s here to remind us that she’s freaking celebrity royalty!

Kangana dons some really fancy lingerie in GQ’s 8th Anniversary issue and makes the magazine sizzle as much as your hot cup of tea!


There is a reason she’s named ‘Woman of the year’ by GQ!


She makes us all look so plain and ordinary in lingerie, while she looks like a proper sight!


She can literally make the furniture around her come alive.


If I bend like that, I’d look like a hobbit, but no, not her.


Why must you be so hot?


And so damn talented?

Well, keep doing what you do and giving the world unrealistic expectations, because you are something!

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