19-YO Opens Fake SBI Branch After Bank Delays His Job Application, Gets Arrested


When our job applications get rejected, it is natural to feel bad about it. But how we cope with the rejection is what really matters in life. Earlier, a student’s father sent him a supportive email after his name didn’t appear in the list of selected candidates and that helped him move on. But not everyone faces rejection that well.

According to Business Standard, 19-year-old Kamal Babu from Panruti, Tamil Nadu, opened a duplicate SBI branch after his job application was delayed.

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India Today reports that he set up the fake branch in April with the help of 52-year-old Manickam who makes rubber stamps and 42-year-old Kumar who owns a printing press. The case came to light when an SBI customer inquired about the new branch with the manager of an actual branch. All 3 men have now been arrested.

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The Indian Express quoted Panurtti Inspector Ambedkar saying,

“Babu’s parents are former SBI bank employees. From an early age, he had been visiting the bank and had learned how a branch functions. His father died a few years ago and his mother had retired. After his father’s death, he had applied for his post. He got frustrated after his application was delayed and hence decided to open a bank by himself.”

He added,

“Till date, we haven’t received any complaints from customers that they have lost money in this branch. When we enquired, Babu said he never intended to cheat people but wanted to open a bank for himself. However, there has been a lot of transactions between his mother’s account and his aunt’s account. A probe is underway.”

We hope they are adequately punished for duping customers.

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