Desi Dad Sends Supportive Email To Son After Company Rejects Him, Says ‘Better Things Ahead’

We don’t really fear failure and rejection. What we fear is the treatment of our failures from those surrounding us. We think ‘log kya kahenge’ if we fail a semester, or ‘papa-mummy kya sochege’ if we don’t bag our (read: their) dream job. While it is true that a lot of parents make failure a rough concept for their kids, many others handle it the way it should be handled – sensitively.

For example, a guy named Sudharshan Karthik recently appeared for his campus placements and got rejected by a company. What pinched him more is that the company had hired 1,000 candidates but he wasn’t one of them. He claimed how going back to his hostel room that day seemed like a long walk.

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However, the next morning, he woke up to a supportive and emotional e-mail from his father. He took to Twitter to share the e-mail which is so reassuring that it melts the heart! Here’s what his dad said:

“Don’t worry. You have done your best. All these things happen when they interview 1,500 candidates in 2 days. You have an excellent academic record. Humpty number of opportunities in the world. Look for good opportunities and God will give you the best.”

Sudharshan’s dad asked him if he wants to take a break and come home, or he could go and pay a visit. He also laid down his options – he could look for further job opportunities or pursue further studies, adding how he doesn’t have to worry about the expenses. He reminded him to eat and sleep well and enjoy life. He kept on highlighting that better opportunities are on its way.

“Do not compare yourself with any other person in the world. Each person has his own living space. You may have a question in your mind, ‘How am I lagging from others?’. It happens for a good turning point. I realised from my experience that God is going to give you a better opportunity.”

You can read the full email here:

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Have a look at Sudharshan’s tweet here:

People online are loving how supportive Sudharshan’s dad is! Many took to the comment section to write their own stories as well. Have a look:

However, Sudharshan’s tweet was a response to this viral tweet:

And the comment section is filled with positivity! Have a look:

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Aren’t parents just the best?

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