Kabir Singh’s A Fictional Romance For Some & Toxic Masculinity For Others, Which Side You On?

(Spoilers Ahead) Shahid Kapoor’s latest release Kabir Singh portrays him as an obsessed lover who turns to drugs and alcohol after his girlfriend marries someone else. While Kabir is the protagonist in the film, his belligerence seems to be the antagonist for some viewers! Twitter is abuzz as people are calling the film out for several reasons. Take a look at the scenes that offer you insight into what all the hoopla is about.

1. The leading lady, Kiara Advani’s portrayal as a prop who never takes a stand for herself!

2. The scene where Kabir points a knife at a girl and threatens her to have sex.

3. Kabir’s slap to Preeti (Kiara Advani)

4. The scene where he runs behind his maid to beat her up for breaking his whiskey glass.

5. Kabir’s dialogue where he says, “Chubby chicks are loyal” and “Preeti Chunni thik karo”.

6. Stalking, hooliganism, male ego, alcoholism, and drug abuse, etc.

Here’s what people who feel the film is full of toxic masculinity and misogyny have to say about it:

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The film has divided social media into parts! Kabir Singh is a tale of ‘toxic masculinity’ loaded with misogynist comments and gestures for some. For a few others, it’s just another fictional story that is not to be taken so seriously that it results into a national outrage. For others, it’s an epic romantic drama with a love story that touches the right strings of your heart!



The people who have come in support of the film believe that Kabir Singh doesn’t promote stalking.

Many of them also believe that the film, quite contrary to glorifying drug abuse, shows its side effects both on health and a person’s social behavior.

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Here’s what people are saying about the negative portrayal of Shahid Kapoor’s character in the film:

Apart from strong criticism, a Mumbai based doctor has claimed that Kabir Singh shows doctors in the bad light. In addition to filing a complaint with Mumbai police, he’s written to the central Health Minister, Information and Broadcasting Ministry, State Health Ministry, and the Censor Board of Film Certification to stop the screening of the movie.

What are your thoughts after watching the film? Which side are you on? It’s an entertaining love story with a social message in disguise or pure misogyny? You decide!

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