Wriddhiman Saha Calls Out Journo Who Threatened Him For An Interview, Reveals Their Chat

Last week, several fingers were raised at the press community in India after a news organization stooped to a new low for some likes and TRP.

Yet again, the integrity of journalists is being questioned after Indian international cricketer, Wriddhiman Prasanta Saha, hailing from Bengal was allegedly threatened for an exclusive interview by a renowned journalist.


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Taking to Twitter, Saha shared a screenshot of WhatsApp messages he had received from the ‘respected’ journalist, reported The Indian Express.

In the text, the said journo asked Saha to do an interview with him. But since after multiple messages and calls, Saha didn’t do the interview with the journalist, he went on to threaten him.

The seemingly angry journalist then sent this message to Saha.

The wicket-keeper batsman was definitely irked with the behavior of the journalist in question, hence, without naming him, he flags this member of the press and tweeted this:

His tweet churned a storm on Twitter with people asking him to name and shame the journo so that the cricketing fraternity can boycott him.

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Several well-known cricketing personalities also came in to support ‘Superman Saha’.

The Indian Express reported that the BCCI will ask Saha to reveal the identity of the journalist before deciding on its course of action.

It’s sad to see journalists going to the extent of threatening and bullying people for an exclusive story. No wonder people have been losing faith in the fourth pillar of democracy.

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