Jon Snow’s Sword Did The Weirdest Thing ‘Beyond The Wall’ And WE BET You Didn’t Notice It!


Disclaimer: The post is dark and full of spoilers, tread carefully.

The fandemonium around Game of Thrones is beyond words to compare and whatever happened ‘Beyond the Wall’ is making us fall short on words, like seriously. Dude, did you see what sh*t went down when Jon Snow-led suicide squad had a one-on-one with The Night King’s army?

While we are mighty pissed at The Night King for killing one of Daenerys’s children, Viserion (we are shedding a million tears), we are gaping at how Jon Snow stayed back and still made it out.


But, we bet amid that ice-emergence thing he pulled off, you didn’t notice a teenie-tiny detail.

Which is major, BTW.


The second Jon comes out of the icy-cold water, we are cut to the shot where his sword, Longclaw is lying.


And, as soon as Jon taps his hand out, Longclaw’s eyes pop open. We kid you not.


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Watch it here.

Are you thinking what we are thinking? Wait, what are you thinking though?


Our guess is that it’s Bran warging into Longclaw.

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It can also be that someone’s soul is trapped inside the sword. Azor Ahai? Or Longclaw becoming the new Lightbringer? Or it’s something completely new which we really can’t think of. There could be a lot of explanations. But it is for sure something really important.


People had a discussion at length on a Reddit thread. Some called it water droplets, some called it an illusion, but we double-checked. Even Tweeple were panicking.


Alive :O

We are watching it over and over again. Are you too?

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