Someone Decoded Jon Snow’s Fate By Looking At The New GOT Pictures And It’s Groundbreaking!

Major ‘Game Of Thrones’ spoilers ahead. 

Well, if you are the one of those who happened to lose their complete shit at the sight of the new photos that were released by HBO as another tease to season 7? Then you are in for a major treat!

Decoded by the TechInsider this video tells a story, weaved around those pictures. But the highlight of the video is the transcription of the story that Gilly is reading, with Sam in the library. I am very tempted to tell you what it is, but you’ve to watch the video to find out yourself.

Also, this changes everything.

P.S: I don’t really know if I am anxious because I can’t wait for it to begin or because I don’t know what am I going to do when it all ends.

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