John Cena Appears On Stage Naked To Present ‘Best Costume Design’ Award At Oscars 2024

The 96th Academy Awards aka the Oscars 2024 was held on Sunday and like every year, something iconic happened this year as well. If you thought Will Smith slapping host Chris Rock was unimaginable, this year things went up a notch.

Actor-wrestler John Cena took the stage to present the Best Costume Design award at the Academy Awards. However, to highlight the importance of costumes, John Cena walked onto the stage…naked.

He tip-toed his way onto the stage, hiding his privates with a very large envelope. Standing in front of the mic, he said, “Costumes, they are so important. Maybe the most important thing there is,” prompting laughter from the audience.

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We see how Margot Robbie couldn’t stop laughing at this sight!

Taking to the mic, he hilariously says that he cannot open the envelope to announce the winner…because, you know why! So host Jimmy Kimmel joins him on the stage and announces the nominees. After the nominees were announced, we see how John Cena gets ‘dressed’ and announces the film ‘Poor Things’ as the winner for the Best Costume Design.

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Here’s a video of him announcing the winner of the ‘Best Costumes’ category:

According to a CNN entertainment correspondent named Elizabeth Wagmeister, John Cena wasn’t fully naked for this stunt. The Academy had to make sure that there weren’t any FCC violations and hence, John Cena was covered “in the groin and butt crack area” and “the envelope was velcroed to him”.

Trust the man to pull off something as ridiculous as this on the Oscars stage! 😛

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