MP MLA Compares Girl Child To Demonetisation & Boys To ‘Vikas’, Gets Slammed Online

Politicians often express their views about different issues on social media. However, while some of their suggestions are constructive, others might be a little critical or harsh. Recently, Madhya Pradesh MLA Jitu Patwari landed in a major controversy over his sexist remarks against the girl child, reports India Today.

In a now-deleted tweet, the Congress leader compared the birth of a girl child with the current government’s various schemes, reports News18. In his tweet, he compared ‘development’ to a son. He said that in an attempt to give birth to this son, five daughters – demonetization, GST, inflation, unemployment, and economic slowdown were born.

According to reports, his analogy between the birth of a girl child to the failures of not having a son named ‘Vikas’, didn’t go down well with citizens. Several people replied to his tweet saying that having a girl child is ‘Vikas’ in true sense.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also lashed out at MLA Jitu for his distasteful tweet, reports NDTV. She asked the National Commission for Women to take cognizance of his misogynist tweet.

Following the backlash, the politician issued an apology and expressed regret over the tweet. He said that all he was trying to say is that people are still waiting for development and that he respects daughters. 

He even clarified that daughters were divine for him. What do you think about the entire incident? Tell us in the comments below.

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