Jealous Friend Sends Bomb Threat To Hyderabad Airport To Stop ‘Dost’ From Moving To Canada

“Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai. Lekin dost first aa jaye, toh zyada dukh hota hai.”

I think this was the most relatable dialogue in ‘3 Idiots’! We all have had that one friend who went supremely jealous about whatever little we achieved. From getting more marks, to getting through a better college, to landing a better job – that jealous friend set their goals trying to compete with others. However, jealousy drove one man into making a blunder.

A 24-year-old guy recently sent a bomb threat to Hyderabad airport to stop a flight because he was so jealous of his friend travelling to Canada!

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According to sources, the accused was jealous because his friend was doing better academically and had got through a decent university, while he was still jobless.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport received an email on Tuesday on the airport’s customer support department from the email ID ‘[email protected]’ which read “I want to blast bomb in airport tomorrow [Wednesday].”

Immediately, the airport authorities launched a search operation. After no threats were found, the treat was declared non-specific.

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However, a police complaint was lodged and after investigation, the accused was found and arrested. Upon interrogation, he revealed that he was, in fact, jealous of his friend going abroad and wanted to stall his visit. He also revealed how he previously tried to stop him from getting a Canada visa by writing to Canadian immigration but to no avail.

He had sent the email to the airport from a fake ID with his friend’s name – Sairam Kaleru, so that he would get into trouble.

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Sometimes friends can be worse than enemies. Reason 101 why we should steer clear of toxic friends.