Javed Akhtar & Kirron Kher Make The Most Powerful Comments On The Nirbhaya Documentary


Oh, so you feel bad about the melancholy that happened? The obvious outrage of the entire nation against that Nirbhaya rapist is quite appalling, indeed. But are you taken aback? Can you tell me why? Because he didn’t do anything wrong. The authority plans to take strict action against the maker of the documentary on Nirbhaya and furthermore banning it, since it “may” hurt sentiments of some people.

The rapist spoke what his mind was induced with and so is half of the nation’s. He spoke for millions who think and believe, in the same way. The rapist helped us in defying what we preach, didn’t he? So to speak, I absolutely adore the irony that lies beneath the rotten carpets of plight and disgrace, everyone is walking on so gracefully.

However, there are some men and women who are loud enough to break the barriers of mediocrity and come clean. Javed Akhtar expounded his thoughts at the drop of a hat, which, in fact, remains peculiar to many ears who were listening to it.

And just when the listeners at the Parliament House thought that he had bit off more than he could chew, Kirron Kher spoke some words of wisdom too.

Her idea is to deliver security and the sense of being safe at all times. The paradoxical nature of this need is that, it should be coming without having to ask for it. She reached the state of utmost vexation after hearing the disgraceful speeches of those, who have been sentenced to death because of the crime and yet fear nothing.

What carried me through this video was the guiding light of Javed Akhtar and Kirron Kher, especially at a laudable platform like that. They say that the beginning is always the hardest, but I reckon that it has already begun.

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