People Slamming Jasprit Bumrah For Leaving Asia Cup For Baby’s Birth Are Being Insensitive

During the 2015 Cricket World Cup, India was playing against Pakistan on February 15. This was also the time when MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi was expected to give birth. Despite this being a significant personal moment from the then-India captain MS Dhoni, he decided to stay with the team and play the match. India went on to win the match against Pakistan and like most times, MS Dhoni’s contribution was pivotal. On the other hand, his daughter Ziva was born just a few days before the match.


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Even to this day, Dhoni’s decision to play the match is appreciated and celebrated by fans. It has become sort of a benchmark for cricketers when it comes to their dedication towards the sport and their team. However, when it comes to choosing between family and profession, not everyone chooses their profession, for which they are often met with intense criticism.

For example, Virat Kohli chose not to appear for the One Day Internationals series in the South Africa tour in 2021 when his wife Anushka was set to give birth. He went on to claim openly that he did not regret his decision and called becoming a father the “greatest moment” of his life. To this day, he is compared to MS Dhoni for making this decision.


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And recently, Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah flew back to the country from Sri Lanka and missed India’s match against Nepal at the Asia Cup to be with his wife who is expecting their first child, reported Indian Express.


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For this, Jasprit Bumrah is facing his fair share of criticism and comparison with MS Dhoni with many people claiming that missing a cricket match is like not fulfilling one’s “national duty”, which is an absurd argument. Here’s a look at some reactions:

On the other hand, people slammed those criticising Bumrah for his decision and claimed that a cricket match at the Asia Cup is not one’s “national duty”. They highlighted the differences between Dhoni’s and Bumrah’s cases because they differ on so many levels when it comes to priority. Also, it is not wrong to place family before profession.

Here’s a look at some posts defending the cricketer:

As a country that values cricket, we need to be more understanding and accommodating of a player’s family commitments, especially during significant life events like childbirth. Don’t you think?

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