Jammu Fitness Trainer Loses Mental Balance After Extreme Addiction To PUBG, Hospitalized

I would be really surprised if a youngster of this rapidly advancing generation comes up to me and throws out the question ‘what is PUBG?’. Player Unknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer game which took the world of gaming by storm after introducing a mobile version in 2018. And you bet, the game has lured a whopping number of gamers into its world who have devoted their time like a ritual behind the addiction.

And as they, an excessive amount of everything asks for destruction, a gym trainer in Jammu is experiencing it live.

According to News18, a fitness trainer in Jammu got involved in the act of self-harming after being obsessed with the game. A UNI report says that the man got hooked to the game 10 days ago and started hitting himself with blows as a result of extreme attachment.

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He was injured and was admitted to the hospital following the incident. As reported by a doctor, the trainer has a disturbed mental situation at the moment and is completely under the influence of PUBG.

“The patient is unstable at the moment and has partially lost¬†his mental balance. He is under observation and we have started the treatment. We are hopeful that he will be fine in days.”

However, bizarre cases involving the world’s fifth-best-selling video game are common in Jammu. For a fact, the situation of the trainer comes as the 6th case the doctors are dealing with.

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“These are the cases that have been examined and diagnosed after the patients were brought to the hospital but we apprehend that there might be many other such cases existing but either left ignored or not being understood by the families.”

The increasing number of cases have now forced the locals to urge Jammu and Kashmir Governor, Satya Pal Malik, to ban such ‘life-threatening’ games in the state and the country.

Hereby, we take out time to call out the people who are investing their time on PUBG, to be a little more sensible and act with maturity. While there is no problem in playing the game, too much of it at the cost of normalcy can risk your health and lives.

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