This Epic Video Perfectly Shows How Every Fan Who Hated Jaime Has Fallen In Love With Him

When in the last episode, Jaime sank into nothingness, did your heart break? If yes, then you have developed empathy for this man.

Jaime Lannister was just a proud and egoistic man who did not bat an eyelid before pushing a little boy, Bran, from the window.

It’s insane how over the seasons we have seen Jaime evolve into a man of great honour and a big heart. A man who regrets his mistakes and stands by the people he believes in. The moment he met Brienne and opened up to her, the way he jumped to help Brienne with only one arm in a sea of monsters, or his love for Tyrion (who was hated by his sister and father); each and every moment shaped him to overcome his reputation as a narcissistic and self-centered Kingslayer.

In a heart touching video by Shahan Reviews, you can watch Jaime’s evolution through seasons. It makes you realise what made him kill the Mad King and why did he take the plunge and attacked the unarmed, Daenerys Targaryen, in the last episode. Go watch.

P.S: Would you look at that to-die-for bone structure and “me-slayer” smile?

I wouldn’t judge you if you were rooting for him ’cause he is HAWT!

Cover Image Source: HBO