From ‘Minimum Books To No Coaching’, IPS Officer Shares His Strategy To Ace UPSC Exam

Clearing competitive examinations like the UPSC civil services exam is no easy feat. Yet some of the pros who are able to clear the exams often step up to help others also succeed just like they did. For instance, an IPS officer selflessly provided free coaching to UPSC aspirants, deserving a salute from all of us!

Recently, another IPS officer named Lakshay Pandey, who aced the exam in the year 2018, took to his social media handles to share some tips for candidates who are appearing for this year’s UPSC civil services exams. Currently, he’s an Assistant Commissioner of Police (UT) in Delhi, NDTV reports.

He shared his recipe for success by offering a simple strategy “based on personal experience”, like using “minimum books and doing maximum revision”. He also stated that he finds self-study to be better than any coaching classes or online tests.

He posted photos of a few pages of his notebook, filled with tips for this year’s prelim exam hopefuls.

He urged students to avoid referring to multiple sources and stressed the importance of reading newspapers daily for an hour instead. He also advises taking part in outdoor activities, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and spending time with friends and family. He adds that social media can be used in moderation, but definitely not in excess. Prioritizing quality over quantity was another effective tip he had for all the aspiring candidates out there.

Apart from encouraging the candidates to take a lot of tests at home, he discussed how to tackle subjects like economics, geography, and history on priority.

He also shared his recommended book list for the examinations:

Students online thanked him for his guidance:

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