People Across The World Are Complaining About The New iPhone 15 Series Overheating

The iPhone 15 series was launched recently and it was a sight worth witnessing. In India, innumerable Apple fanatics arrived in Delhi and Mumbai to purchase the iPhone 15 from the official Apple stores. Some even stood in line outside the stores from the previous day so they could get their hands on the gadgets first. However, despite the excitement and fanfare surrounding the iPhone 15 series launch, all seems not very well with the gadgets.

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Despite its improvements and new features, people have been complaining that the iPhone 15 overheats easily. Many have taken to social media platforms to complain about the overheating issues on the very first day of using the phone and its variants. Here’s a look at some of the posts gaining attention on social media:

Phones can overheat for a variety of reasons. What is important is to address these issues so the gadget doesn’t become a safety hazard. According to a report by Digitaltrends, new smartphones tend to heat up during the initial setup and the first 24 hours of use. This is the time when users back up data and media, download applications, click pictures and videos, and even play games to see how the phone functions. That’s a lot of work for any smartphone to do.

In order to prevent your phone from overheating, you can try enabling auto-brightness, disabling Bluetooth, and close apps that use navigation services. You can also close unused apps running in the background and avoid exposing your phone to extreme temperatures.

Hope this helps!

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