Guy Waits Outside Mumbai Apple Store For 17 Hrs To Buy iPhone 15, Another Arrives At 4 AM

As a middle-class citizen of this country, I have had to endure several uncomfortable situations. Waiting in long lines at airports, ATMs and grocery shops, getting an earful from the landlord after rent got delayed, surviving on only bhaat-daal at the end of the month, and going without socializing for months are some of the experiences which made me want to be rich and not worry about money. When I stand in a long queue, I often wonder if the same is the case with rich people. As it turns out, they have to wait in long queues too. But while I wait outside grocery shops, rich people wait outside Apple stores.

The iPhone 15 launched recently and rich people from across the country landed in front of the Apple stores in Delhi and Mumbai to buy gadgets from their favourite brand. There were also some enthusiastic customers who decided to wait in line for more than 10 hours.

There was this one guy who flew down from Ahmedabad and stood outside the Apple store at Mumbai’s BKC for 17 hours! He wanted to not only own an iPhone 15 but also become the first person to buy it.

“I have been here since yesterday 3 pm. I have stood in line for 17 hours. I’m here to buy the first iPhone from India’s first Apple store,” he said while expressing his desire to purchase not just an iPhone 15 pro max but also the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and new AirPods.

Another guy flew from Bengaluru and has been standing in line since 4 AM in the morning.

“I’m happy I’m getting my new iPhone 15 Pro… very much excited, I’ve been waiting for this all year,” he said.

Here’s a video of the two guys:

In Delhi, a guy named Rahul was the first customer at the Apple Store in Saket. He too was standing in line since 4 AM.

“I have always had top phones with me. I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. After the 15 series was announced, I wanted to get the iPhone 15 Pro Max – that too before everyone else,” he said.

Have a look:

People online were left amazed by this behavior. Many highlighted how the same kind of people complain about standing in queues outside ATMs and banks! Here’s what some of them said:

Ameer logon ki alag duniya!

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