INDvsBAN Match Is Still On But Twitter’s Already Turned Virat Kohli Into A Hilarious Meme!


Usually, Virat Kohli is the tiger that roars out loud on the field. But today at the ICC Champions Trophy semi-final match of India versus Bangladesh, Kohli did something that left all in splits.

Virat’s celebratory reaction to Bangladesh’s 5th wicket was a hilarious one.


The match is still on. And, Tweeple have already turned it into a meme!

1. Being bad at reading signs!


2. Same to same ji!


3. Aisi jeeb laplapaiee!


4. This is just me. So me. Ditto me!


5. What did you do, Podrick?


6. Mouth-watering to the core.


7. Which India will taste today.


8. Hahahaha! Sticks out his tongue.


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9. Kohli nails it though.


10. Aagaya, aagaya, chuski wala aagaya!


11. This is so true. Right?


12. All in support of it say ‘aye’!


13. Tommy’s reaction is close enough.


14. That expression is apt for guys, I am guessing.


15. So DAMN true!


16. Happened to me soo many times!


17. Rasgullas, for me!

OMFG! I can’t stop laughing!

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