Indians Teach Fellow German Employees How To Play Cricket At Office During Lunch Break

Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that lunch breaks at the office hold a special place in their hearts. It’s during that 1-hour that colleagues get together and catch up on the latest gossip, share laughs along with food, and sometimes end up playing games to lighten their mood.

Similarly, Indian employees at the German consulate in Bengaluru were spotted teaching how to play cricket to their fellow German colleagues during lunch break. Achim Burkat, a German consul, shared a video, reported India Today.

During lunch break my Indian colleagues try to teach my German colleagues how to play cricket Happy to report that the consulate is still intact,” he tweeted.

Have a look at the heartwarming video here:

Several people online thought that it was an excellent opportunity to finally have a solid cricket team in Germany so that India could play against them! Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

The wonderful thing about sports is that it ends up bringing people from all nationalities together! 🙂

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