Harsh Goenka Tweets Pic Depicting Benefits Of Working From Office, Twitter Schools Him

After the government relaxed lockdown restrictions, several companies have been using ‘tactics’ to lure employees to work from the office. But not everyone was in favour of it. Some even resigned when told to work from the office.

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Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG Group, also thinks employees should go back to the office as WFH is no longer a “viable option”. Despite being schooled by those who oppose his thoughts, he again tried to politely push his opinions and stated the reason why people should work from an office with the help of a pie chart.

The diagram depicting ‘working from home’ shows working as the only thing that employees do at home. However, in the latter half of it which represents ‘working in the office’, people spend a considerable amount of time doing other things and have distractions like helping others do their work, sitting in traffic, and getting lunch and coffee.

His creative idea got people talking online. A majority of people opposed his ‘work from office’ notions and stated its disadvantages too.

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The WFH and WFO debate has been going on for a long time. What are your opinions on this?

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