Indian Soldier Shows Off Killer Dance Skills And You Can’t Help But Cheer Him On

Dancing is one of the best ways to get endorphins flowing in your brain. The chemical cocktail that gets released into your bloodstream promotes satisfaction, euphoria and high pain tolerance among other things. And though we should all get over our self-consciousness and enjoy dancing at every chance we get, it is a fact that some are just born with happy feet and some aren’t.

And watching someone dance with no care in the world is just as amazing a feeling. They lose all inhibitions and just let go.

One such video of an Indian soldier showing some mind-blowing dance skills is quickly moving up the viral ladder.

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In the video which is being shared widely across the internet, the soldier does some kickass moves ranging from hip-hop to some popping and locking.

During the 2-minute video, the soldier can be seen to completely let go and kill it on the dancefloor as his fellow soldiers cheered him on.

Watch the video here:

Someone sign him for a dance show already!