Foreigner Says Indians Can’t Beat Him At Scrabble Without Cheating, Twitter Calls Him Racist

A lot of us love playing Scrabble. We also love the fact that a lot of Hinglish words like jugaad, swachh, gyan, dhaba, pradhan and sidhuism have been added to the list of words that can be used in the game. But that is not to say that we’re not comfortable with big, English words.

However, one foreigner (from an English speaking country) who is a literature student thinks that Indians could never beat him at Scrabble without resorting to foul-play.

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He thought he would easily beat his girlfriend’s Indian friend who is a Science student and accused her of cheating when she beat him at the word game. Later, his girlfriend pointed out that he was a racist.

Twitter agreed with the girlfriend’s assessment of the situation as well as her decision to reconsider their relationship. A few even asked the man if he knew about Shashi Tharoor.

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Hope this incident makes him re-evaluate his racist beliefs.

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