Scrabble Says Hinglish Words Like ‘Jugaad’ & ‘Dhaba’ Are Allowed And We Can’t Keep Calm


A while back, UNO had created quite a stir when they clarified that we can end a game with an action card. A similar situation ensued when we were told that stacking Draw cards is not allowed. Now, Collins Dictionary that earlier produced a list of 276,000 words which can be used in a game of Scrabble, has added 2,862 new words to it.

These include some Hinglish words like jugaad, swachh, gyan, dhaba, pradhan and sidhuism.

Millennials will be happy to know that terms such as bae, bingeable, collab, fleek and facepalm also feature in the new list. Food enthusiasts, sriracha and bao have also been included.

Gender-related words like mansplain, cisgender, transphobia, genderqueer and ze have been made official. And so have social media terms like preggo, babymoon, sharenting, athleisure and plogging.

Scrabble players can use words like ew, OK and Yowza!

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What do you guys think – is it good that the list of approved words is evolving over time and slang terms are taken in its fold? Or will this dilute the true purpose of the game? Tell us in the comments below.

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