Modi Ensures Indian Athletes In Rio Olympics Get Indian Food And We Are So Happy For Them!

Usually, athletes get to their sporting venues months in advance, so that they get acclimatized to the new place. This includes the local cuisine too.

But our athletes will not have to be worried about that because our Sports Ministry is doing everything to make Indian food available in the Olympic village where the athletes will be staying.

In an effort led by PM Narendra Modi, our athletes will be getting Indian food for the first time in the Olympics

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Sports Ministry is going by the research that says that athletes perform better when they are fed familiar food. And familiar food is exactly what they will be getting.


The Indian food includes dal makhani, vegetable pulao, gulab jamun, egg bhurji, tandoori roti and raita.

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And as you can see, no athlete will be missing home, at least not because of food!

“This time we are flying our players much earlier for them to focus better. We wanted to make sure that they get food they are used to so as to boost their performance.”

But this luxury did not come easy for our athletes.


Six months ago, the Olympic committee had rejected Indian proposal of including an Indian kitchen in the Olympic village

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This was because the Indian contingent has always been small, and hence a separate kitchen for just one country would not be productive.


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But the Sports Ministry pushed the committee saying that we have a bigger contingent and South Asian countries of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can also eat Indian food

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This effort is a part of the Target Olympic Podium program by the Sports Ministry that has pumped over 135 crore rupees in ensuring that the athletes get nothing but the best and can concentrate on getting medals.

The PMO and Narendra Modi have shown keen interest in making the stay and training of Indian athletes in Rio as comfortable as possible.

A commendable and hands-on approach by our government. Sports in India needs this kind of attention and treatment!

All the best to our Olympic athletes!

Dal Makhani khao aur medals leke aao!

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News Source – Economic Times

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