Indian Cobbler Speaks To Russian Tourist In Fluent English, Video Of Their Banter Goes Viral

Every year, countless tourists from around the world visit India to experience its unique charm. India is vibrant and full of flavor, with every street telling its own story. Surprises await at every corner, from artists creating beautiful paintings to children singing with soulful voices. Indian streets are alive with colour and life, making each visit a memorable adventure.

A Russian woman named Mariia Chugurova has been travelling across India and she is being surprised every moment with all that our country has to offer. For example, her shoe tore while she was outdoors and she was quickly able to find a cobbler who fixed her shoe for only Rs 10.

And that cobbler could speak in English fluently. Mariia was surprised because, as she revealed, there are no such cobbler services in Russia. If one ends up with a torn shoe, they have to walk wearing that torn shoe.

She further asked the cobbler for how long he has been working in the shoe-repairing business, to which he reveals 26 years and he enjoys it! After he fixes her shoe, Mariia hands him a Rs 20 note and asks him to keep the change, then hops, skips and jumps her way back.

“Today was the day I faced the ultimate footwear betrayal. My trusty slipper decided it had enough and staged a dramatic breakup right in the middle of my walk. There I was, stranded, one slipper on, one slipper off, trying to figure out my next move like a lost contestant on a survival show. But, of course, India always has a way of turning potential disasters into quirky adventures. Enter my slipper savior, a man whose slipper-repair skills were so legendary, he might as well have been a cobbler superhero. In no time, my slipper was back in action, probably stronger than it had ever been LOL!” she cheekily wrote.

Here’s a video of the incident:


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Can’t help but marvel at our country and our people!

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