Pregnant Woman Cooks 30 Meals For Husband Before Giving Birth So He Can Eat While She’s Away

In many cultures, gender norms often dictate that women should handle household chores even when they are physically strained, such as during pregnancy. Our society tends to justify this, calling it a woman’s “love”. However, this expectation can place an unfair burden on women, as they are often expected to manage domestic duties regardless of their condition.

Recently, a pregnant woman in Japan faced criticism after sharing on social media that she had prepared a month’s worth of dinners for her husband in advance, reported Moneycontrol.

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The woman, who was nine months pregnant and nearing her due date on May 21, explained that she wanted to ensure her husband ate well while she recovered at her parents’ home after giving birth.

While some people praised her for her thoughtfulness, because apparently this is what a wife’s unconditional love looks like, most of the responses were negative. Some people questioned why her husband couldn’t take care of himself and accused him of being too dependent on her.

The woman, on the other hand, defended her actions by saying that her husband worked late and had been very supportive during her pregnancy. But this did little to calm the backlash. Many felt that her efforts only reinforced outdated stereotypes that men are incapable of managing domestic tasks on their own.

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Responding to the post, one Chinese person shared, “Isn’t it the same in all East Asian countries? When my mum came to stay with me abroad to help with the baby, she forgot to prepare meals for my dad. He survived on steamed buns and noodles for three months, even losing muscle mass.”

“This Japanese woman is really bizarre. She is pregnant and acting as her husband’s maid. How did her husband eat before he married?” another user asked.

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While the woman’s gesture was meant to be caring, it goes on to highlight the expectations placed on women, especially during times when they should be prioritizing their own health and well-being.

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