Keralites Come Together & Work For 7 Hours To Retrieve Woman’s ₹1.5 Lakh iPhone From Beach

Going on vacation is supposed to be all about relaxation and fun, but sometimes things go hilariously wrong. From sunburns that give you the worst kind of tan to getting lost in a new city, vacation nightmares are all too real. One such mishap happened to a woman from Karnataka on her holiday to Kerala, but luckily, it had a happy ending!

The tourist from Karnataka faced a real vacation nightmare when she lost her iPhone during her trip to Kerala. But thanks to some kind-hearted people, her story ended happily.

The woman’s mobile phone, which was an iPhone costing Rs 1,50,000 fell on the beach and was stuck in between massive boulders, making it difficult for anyone to get it out. However, a dedicated team from the resort where the woman was staying in, Antiliya, joined hands with Kerala Fire & Rescue and spent 7 hours trying to retrieve the phone.

It was a very difficult task, considering how there were strong waves and wind. Despite these challenges, the team manoeuvred through dangerous rocks and battled relentless waves to retrieve the lost phone.

A video of the team at work has gone viral on Instagram. Have a look:

So, next time you lose something on vacation, remember there are good people out there ready to help, no matter how tough the job! 😀

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