Kangana Ranaut Says We Need ‘Obsessive Work Culture’ & Work-Life Balance Is ‘Western Concept’

In many developing nations, leaders often urge their citizens to put in extra hours of work to boost the country’s economic growth. This push for increased labour is seen as a necessary step to compete on the global stage and accelerate development. Infosys founder Narayana Murthy, last year, emphasized this point, stating that today’s youngsters should work 70 hours a week if India aims to match the development levels of countries like China.

He highlighted that India’s productivity rate is among the lowest in the world and pointed to the post-World War II efforts of countries like Germany and Japan, where professionals worked extra hours for several years to compensate for lost time and resources. According to Murthy, such dedication is crucial for India’s progress and global competitiveness.

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Actor-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut recently took to Instagram to urge citizens to normalise an “obsessive work culture” where we stop waiting for weekends and crib about Mondays. She argued that India is not a developed nation yet and we can’t afford to be lazy at all.

“We need to normalise obsessive work culture and stop with the waiting for weekends and crib about Mondays memes. That’s all western brainwashing. We are not a developed nation yet. We can’t afford to be bored and lazy at all.”

While hard work is important for economic growth, maintaining a balance between work and personal life is also essential. A healthy work-life balance helps people stay happy and productive in the long run. It prevents burnout, reduces stress, and allows individuals to spend time with family and pursue personal interests.

Do you agree with what Kangana Ranaut has to say?

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