Nellore: ‘Corpse’ Floating In Pond Turns Out To Be Man Taking A Nap After 10-Day Work Shift

We’ve all been there: those days when work leaves you so exhausted that you fantasize about a week-long nap just to feel human again. For one man in Hanumakonda, though, this dream turned into reality.

In a scene straight out of a comedy movie, the residents of Reddypuram Kovelakunta got the shock of their lives when they stumbled upon what they thought was a dead body floating in the local pond. The “corpse,” as it turns out, was a very much alive and intoxicated quarry worker from Kavali in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.

From 7 AM to 12 PM, the man lay motionless in the water. Alarmed locals informed the police. The Kakatiya University (KU) police and emergency medical services (108 personnel) rushed to the scene.

In a brilliant twist, the “dead” man sprang to life. It turns out, the quarry worker had simply overindulged in a bit too much booze and decided to take an impromptu nap in the pond. After a gruelling ten-day stint working 12-hour shifts in a granite quarry, he had decided to cool off with a dip. Instead of a refreshing swim, he found himself drifting off into a solid nap, leaving everyone to think he had kicked the bucket.

This entire incident was shared on X by Sudhakar Udumula, an investigative journalist. He also attached a video to the post where at the beginning we see the body floating on the water. But when a cop pulls the body by its hand, the man wakes up. Most people in the scene started laughing upon seeing this!

Have a look:

Maybe we should all stick to conventional sleeping patterns from now on! 😛

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